A Testimonial

“Thank you again for ICU baby’s support in what was an exceptionally difficult time for us. I was especially touched when you accompanied me back to my room on the first night of my son’s diagnosis with PPHN and am deeply grateful to have had you there.” 
-Mother from South Miami Hospital

NICU mom & baby | Parent to Parent Support

Parent-to-Parent Support Program

ICU baby recognizes that the time parents spend in the NICU visiting their baby can be lonely, confusing and scary. ICU baby has a team of volunteers that are pre-screened by the hospital to enter the NICU to provide parent-to-parent support at the baby’s bedside.

Due to COVID-19 precautions, ICU baby has temporarily suspended in hospital visits. Now the Parent-to-Parent Support Team of volunteers offer tele-support. Each current NICU Mother is assigned to a veteran NICU Mother who has had a baby in the NICU, have been a NICU baby themself or have experience in the NICU. They can empathize with what the NICU parent is going through and provide support telephonically, until it is safe for volunteers to re-enter the hospital.

Each week, the ICU baby teammate calls the Mother to listen, offer comfort and direct the Mother to resources in the hospital or community that might benefit them during their baby’s NICU stay.

ICU baby is always looking for new volunteers! Apply to become a volunteer today.