Celebrating Springtime Holidays in the NICU

Special holidays in the NICU can be lonely, but ICU baby volunteers endeavor to bring a smile to the faces of NICU families through small gifts and special meals, reminding them that while lonely, they are not alone. Valentine’s Day brought notes of love from the children of Temple Beth Am.

The month of March, ICU baby dedicates as NICU Siblings Month. The ICU baby volunteer team celebrated NICU siblings for the 2nd year in a row bringing special gifts, crafts and projects for them to enjoy.

ICU baby also honored NICU Mothers and Fathers spending their Mother’s and Father’s Days in the hospital by their baby’s bedside. Kendra Scott generously donated 4 jewelry pieces to be raffled off, middle school volunteer Erin Rodriguez created beaded bracelets and UPS employees painted flower pots for all NICU Mothers to feel special on their special day.

For Father’s Day, Dads were treated to Shorty’s BBQ and picture frame gifts.