Gaston Family

Gaston baby

Clara and her husband, Harry, were delighted to learn of Clara’s pregnancy with her first baby. She had a peaceful first trimester, until twenty weeks into her pregnancy when the doctors told her that she had preeclampsia. In a matter of moments, Clara’s pregnancy experience changed. Clara was due on November 17th, which is ironically World Prematurity Day. She never … Read More

Rivascano Family

Rivascano baby

Twenty-six weeks into your pregnancy is not a time that you would expect your baby to be born. Yet, this is when Ashley found herself delivering her first baby, Eliana, weighing just 1.9 lbs. She came into the world tiny but mighty. Ashley gave birth at her local hospital in Naples, but because Eliana was a micropreemie, Eliana had to … Read More

Henry Family

Trecha baby

Trecha Henry had a perfect pregnancy and couldn’t wait for the birth of her first baby. At 40 weeks pregnant, she delivered her baby boy Keegan in a hospital near her home in the Cayman Islands. However during the delivery process, Keegan suffered from shoulder dystocia… his shoulder got stuck inside Trecha’s pelvis and he was without oxygen for five … Read More

Vilela Family

Vilela baby

The NICU is not a place many parents expect to be with their newborn baby. This is especially true when your first two children are full term and born without complications. Naila Vilela had no knowledge of a NICU – none of her friends or family had been there and her first two daughters stayed with her in the room … Read More

Jacobo Family

Jacobo baby

Angela Jacobo held 24 week old baby Amaya in her arms after an emergency c-section, thinking that it would be the first and last time she would hold her daughter. Doctors didn’t expect Amaya to live for more than a few hours. Twelve hours passed and then 24 and then 48, but even then Amaya was not expected to survive. … Read More

Biltz Family

Getting pregnant is not easy for many people. In fact, 10% of women in the U.S. suffer from difficulty getting and staying pregnant. Shane and Darlene were part of that 10%. They tried to have a baby for 4 1/2 years without success. The 6th gynecologist they went to finally gave them the right test and noticed that Darlene had … Read More

Amador Family

The terrifying journey for babies Alisa and Alexa and their mother Gretel Amador began before the twin girls were even born. Gretel was diagnosed with TTTS Syndrome, which is a rare and serious condition that can occur in pregnancies when identical twins share their mother’s placenta. With TTTS, abnormal blood vessels form within the placenta and they cause one twin … Read More

Quiroz Family

Do you believe in miracles? ICU baby volunteers see miracles in the NICU every week. One remarkable story of survival, perseverance and love from this summer is that of the Quiroz Twins – the definition of miracle babies. News that you are expecting identical twins is almost always a surprise, even when twins run in your family. For Maria Jose … Read More

Hammond Family

When Jessica and Austin Hammond set out for a peaceful and relaxing babymoon to the Florida Keys, they never expected they would be welcoming their baby girl while on the vacation, in a hurricane ravaged hospital. Jessica didn’t feel well on the second day of the trip and, at 33 weeks pregnant, she knew that something was very wrong. When … Read More

Parry Family

Baby Jayden is a fighter. Those are the words of his mother, Joan Parry. Jayden was born at just 23 weeks on June 19th at Holtz Children’s Hospital at Jackson Memorial. His family calls him a “miracle baby”. Like most NICU moms, Joan wasn’t expecting an early delivery or the extremely challenging months in the NICU that would follow. “I … Read More