NICU Pack Program

Program Description

ICU baby provides Preemie Packs and NICU Packs to each qualifying family in the NICUs of Baptist Health System’s South Miami Hospital and Holtz Children’s Hospital at UM/Jackson Memorial Medical Center. The Packs are carrying totes for trips back-and-forth from the family’s home to the NICU. It is filled with essential items that will facilitate the family’s visit with their baby.

The items in the Preemie Pack and NICU Pack vary from hospital-to-hospital to meet the needs of each specific population and the hospitals’ guidelines.  Some of the items in all Packs include:

  • A tote bag large enough to transport items for baby and parent to and from the hospital.
  • A cooler for the transport of breast milk to the hospital.
  • A NICU journal for parents to keep track of their baby’s daily progress.
  • Laundry bags for the hygienic transport of the baby’s clean and dirty clothes.
  • A baby carrier to be used for skin-to-skin care in-hospital and as a baby carrier at home.
  • A swaddle blanket to help calm the baby and promote healthy sleeping practices.
  • A water bottle to encourage breast milk production.
  • A list of commonly used NICU medical terms.

Preemie Packs are delivered to babies born under 32 weeks gestational age and NICU Packs are delivered to babies whose stay in the NICU is estimated to be greater than three weeks.

To donate a NICU Pack for a family at South Miami Hospital or Holtz Children’s Hospital, please CLICK HERE.

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