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Gratitude For Our Givers

A special thanks to the companies and foundations that that offered exceptional in-kind or monetary support to ICU baby in 2017.

Our Preemie Partners


Our Preemie Patrons

Tysunn Dry Cleaners

Our Preemie Pals



Design and Promotions

Knitting Club of Miramar Memorial Hospital NICU

Knitting Club at The Palace Coral Gables Independent Living for Active Seniors

Miami Jewish Health System's Cypen Tower

Olive Garden

Pave the Way Foundation

Plymouth Congregational Church

Plymouth Congregational Church Knitters

Schuman Feathers, Inc

SMP Pharmacy Solutions

A special thanks to the families that offered exceptional monetary
support to ICU baby in 2017.

Our Family Preemie Partners

Nichole and Rich Aldrich

Meredyth Anne Dasburg Foundation

Elizabeth and Louis Freeman

William Helman

Our Family Preemie Patrons

Barry Cooper

Connie Freydell

Israel, Rose, Henry and Robert Wiener

Kathleen Lynch

Lauren and Lorne Cantor

Marjory Bohlin

Pablo and Robertha Canedo

Peter and Ana Kolchinsky

Our Family Preemie Pals

Aaron Nahmad

Alberto and Ivanna Omeechevarria


Arlyn Cypen

Brian and Robin Gale

Brielle & Etan Mark Family Foundation

Caleb and Alyce Aldrich

Cristina and Robert Chomat

Errin Siagel and Teresa Koster

Nancy Sue Goldberg Living Trust

Phil and Gisela Caprio

Paula Clinger Memorial Fund

Philip Teitelbaum

Rhonda & Robert Bernstein

Selma and Jeff Newman

Vytas Simas and Hope Aldrich