ICU baby

ICU baby is a non-profit organization that supports families with a baby(s) in the NICU. ICU baby works with NICU physicians, nurses and social workers to assess the needs of the families with a baby(s) in their unit. Together, we identify what resources would be most beneficial to them and then provide targeted support.

  • Each year, thousands of newborn babies in South Florida are admitted to a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) because of premature birth or illness.
  • Most of these families never imagined they would spend time in a NICU.
  • Some of these families never imagined their baby wouldn’t survive.
  • The experience for all NICU families is traumatic.

Kick Off the Transportation Assistance Program at South Miami Hospital & Help us Reach Our Goal of $15,000 Before July 1, 2018

Donations to the Transportation Assistance Program will be matched by Fernandez Pave-the-Way Foundation until the matching funds of $2,500 run out.